Reduce costs, improve time to market, and boost your profits

With semiconductors rapidly becoming commoditized and R&D budgets shrinking, you need to find an effective solution to increase development efficiency, accelerate time to market, improve yield and cut production costs, if you are going to maintain your competitive edge and global market share. The key to achieving these business goals is accuracy. It’s essential to incorporate an accurate metrology into process engineering and production control.

Semiconductor industry yields have systematically declined signaling an erosion of process control quality. By outsourcing your metrology to Nanometrology International, Inc. (NMI), you can reverse the trend and achieve higher yields. And we can dramatically reduce your development time from months to weeks. In today’s highly competitive semiconductor market that translates into savings of billions of dollars. In fact, with our help in nanometrology, you will be able to quickly recoup your R&D costs. In addition, we have the global expertise and resources to help you succeed in every market in which you compete.

Nanotechnology process controls and metrology requirements are exceedingly challenging. Adding expensive process equipment, building new departments staffed with high-salaried personnel is not going to address this challenge. All it’s going to do is increase your overhead.

The problem lies in the qualitative change in the dimensions of your products. Entering the world of nanodimensions demands accuracy. Classic “micrometrology” is not accurate or adequate. Accuracy is imperative to your success. We can help. Accuracy is our business.

You cannot afford the loss of time-to-market to make compensatory adjustments later on in the manufacturing process. The way to address this problem effectively is to have accuracy embedded in your original design. You need to know that your processes operate within the extreme tolerances of the nanodesign. If you want to remain competitive, you need to be accurate, and if you want to achieve accuracy you need the nanometrology expertise of NMI.


What we can do for you

Nanometrology International, Inc. offers you a cost-efficient metrology solution that can help your company keep R&D costs down, and with fewer resources. Outsourcing to our highly-skilled experts offers you a better way of accessing nanometrology expertise without the increased overhead costs from hiring expensive personnel. By using our consulting services, you can shift your team’s focus to more productive, profitable tasks. And you have access to the latest equipment, without costly nanometrology equipment acquisition and the brick and mortar to house the equipment.
If you’re seeking to improve the accuracy, reliability of your nanotechnology manufacturing while reducing costs, we can help you with the following services:
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