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About Us

Experienced people with solutions to meet your needs

Nanometrology International, Inc. is a U.S. based company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas with affiliates in Russia, China, Korea and Japan. With over 30 years of experience, we provide our clients in the semiconductor and nanometrology industries, access to highly-skilled personnel and equipment across the globe. And because nanometrology is our only focus, you gain up-to-date industry insight. Another benefit to outsourcing to NMI is the flexibility you have to meet manufacturing volume fluctuations; we can customize our solutions to meet your capacity.

If you want to train your own people, we have the courses and training programs to make that possible. If you want to buy your own equipment, we can help source the right equipment at the best price possible – whether it’s new or used. And because we have highly skilled global resources, we can handle your nanometrology needs, regardless of where you are located or how widespread your operations are.

With the nano industry developing at such a fast pace, it’s imperative that dimensional metrology operate on a large scale. While reference metrology is a relatively new area, it has become critical for semiconductor and nano industries to acquire the equipment and secure the relevant expertise. Unfortunately expertise is a limited commodity and equipment is difficult to source. That’s where Nanometrology International, Inc. can help.

Our industry expertise delivers accuracy and efficiency to your company

Our company represents the brightest and best nanometrology experts in the world. With over 30 years of R&D experience, these recognized experts have worked directly with the most modern equipment and most advanced methodologies. Each of them has been involved in the development of emerging technologies, from micron technology in the early ‘90s to the very latest and future nanometer scale technology of this century.

NMI experts have experience with the following leading corporations:
- Advanced Micro Devices Corporation
- IBM Corporation
- Lucent Technologies (Bell labs)
- Spansion Corporation
- Texas Instruments, Inc.

Our clients

Nanometrology International, Inc. is proud to serve the leaders of high-technology world:
- IBM Corporation
- Texas Instruments, Inc.
- Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
- VLSI Standards, Inc.
- Johnson & Johnson Corporation

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