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Introduction to optical lithography


This course will expose the student to basic process flow for optical lithography. The course will cover in detail each component of lithography flow and the measured lithography figures of merit. 

Learning outcomes 

  • Students will be able to identify process steps in lithography flow
  • Students will be able to measure and calculate lithography figures of merit essential to optimizing a lithographic level
Examples of lithography figures of merit being: 
    • Depth of Focus 
    • Linearity 
    • Mask Error Enhancement Factor 
    • Overlay 
    • DOFEL plots 
    • Bossung Curves 
    • CD Uniformity 
    • Nesting Tolerance 

Intended audience 

Engineers with some knowledge of basic photolithography 

Course level 


Course Length

A half-day (3.5 hours) 


Instructor has over 10 years of experience working in advanced development groups at the leading edge US-based semiconductor companies as a photolithographer. The instructor has numerous publications and 7 patents in the area of photolithography.