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Nanoscale Dimensional Metrology and Physical Characterization


This course provides attendees with a working knowledge of in-line critical dimension and reference metrology as well as with the basics of some techniques of semiconductor physical characterization. It is based on metrology and physical characterization practices currently employed in nanoscale semiconductor research, development and manufacturing. 

The course starts with definitions of commonly used metrology terms, reviews current challenges and explains the importance of metrology and characterization in achieving R&D and manufacturing goals. Basic critical dimensional metrology (ECD, SEM, SIM, OCD, 3DAFM) and some nanoscale physical characterization techniques (c-AFM, SCM, SSRM, KPSPM, SPVSPM, TERS) are reviewed. Their physical principles, merits and limitations are discussed. 

The material leads to the conclusion that only a combination of metrology and characterization techniques can solve the complex problems which semiconductor and nanotechnology research, development and manufacturing are facing today. The final topic of the course is about future hybrid instrumentation and methodologies which are coming to nanoscale dimensional metrology and physical characterization. 

Learning Outcomes 

This course will enable you to: 
  • Apply metrology terms correctly and with confidence 
  • Describe the physical principles, merits and limitations of basic dimensional metrology and common nanoscale physical characterization techniques 
  • Identify the most suitable technique for your specific metrology and characterization tasks 
  • Avoid common mistakes and misconceptions related to specific metrology techniques 
  • Justify the use of multiple techniques to build flexible and trustworthy characterization solutions 

Intended Audience 

This material is intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of critical dimension nanometrology and nanoscale physical characterization for their everyday work. Those who either develop their own nanocharacterization solutions, or who work closely with external and internal metrology and characterization providers will find this course valuable. 

Course Level 


Course Length 

Half day (3.5 hours); .35 CEU 


Dr. Vladimir A. Ukraintsev is an expert in critical dimension nanometrology and characterization. Before forming his own company in 2009 Dr. Ukraintsev worked at Veeco Instruments as a Technical Marketing Director. From 1996 until 2007 Dr. Ukraintsev was developing metrology and nanocharacterization solutions for six technology nodes at Texas Instruments. Dr. Ukraintsev has more than 65 scientific publications in surface science, photochemistry, scanning probe microscopy, semiconductor characterization and dimensional metrology.