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Run-to-run control in complex semiconductor manufacturing


In the beginning the course provides attendees with a basic working knowledge of Run-to-Run (R2R) control methodology for semiconductor manufacturing. This is followed by a detailed discussion of specific problems arising during the integration of R2R controllers in a complex (high/low volume mix of products) manufacturing environment. These problems are illustrated by the examples of real controllers developed for etch and thin films deposition areas. In the final part of the course students will be presented with flow charts of major analytical blocks of R2R control system. 

Learning outcomes 

This course will enable you to: 
  • Classify major types of R2R controllers and describe main R2R control algorithms 
  • List most important problems in implementation of R2R control in complex semiconductor manufacturing environment 
  • Illustrate the advantages of R2R control with implemented manufacturing examples 
  • Identify key building blocks in design and integration of R2R control for virtually any process 

Intended audience 

This material is intended for semiconductor professionals (process engineers, facility managers, technical strategist) who would like to replace superficial, oversimplified, standard control methods traditionally used in semiconductor equipment with an automated process control system based on advanced statistical methodologies to achieve a competitive advantage by improving process capability, cycle time, yield, cost and quality. 

Course level 

Intermediate. Prior working experience in semiconductor manufacturing environment is needed. 

Course Length 

A half-day (3.5 hours) 


The instructor of this course has extensive experience in design, development and implementation in advanced analytical tools and in the adaptation of control theory techniques to a real semiconductor manufacturing. The instructor has Ph.D. in physics and mathematics. He published more than 35 scientific papers and made numerous oral and poster presentations at scientific and industry conferences and workshops.