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Advanced Process Control

Example of Advance Process Control (APC) development work is described in the attached paper (see an abstract below or download attachment for the full illustrated version at the bottom of this page). The example shows an elegant way to deal with complex metrology problem of tool-to-tool matching. This approach is truly universal and can be implemented in any fab and to any fleet of similar or even different metrology tools. 

Despite of its flexibility the method provides technology and even device specific tool-to-tool tuning. The matching is done on real production material what minimizes impact of sample-to-sample bias variation on tool matching. The method has been tested in large volume production environment. 

Precise matching of your metrology fleet will immediately impact product yield and quality, reduce cycle time of your factory, save your prized process engineering resources. 

See the below paper (full version with illustrations is attached at the bottom of this page) and let us know if you want us to improve matching of your troubled metrology. 

Metrology Performance Monitor as a New Analytical Tool for APC 

Any modern semiconductor manufacturing facility produces a huge amount of data needed for process characterization and control, and new analytical tools for extracting and summarizing different kind of information, required for day-to-day operations, are in constant demand. In this article one of such tools - Metrology Performance Monitor – is presented. Its outputs can be used by operators and process engineers for continuous metrology monitoring. Alternatively, the same ouputs can serve as inputs into an automated advanced process control system to perform "virtual" metrology matching and to considerably reduce effects of possible metrology problems on control outputs (recommended process recipe adjustments). 
Vladimir Ukraintsev,
Jan 2, 2010, 8:48 AM