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Our consultants can help your development and manufacturing to improve accuracy, product quality and yield. We can provide the guidance, techniques and equipment to help you increase productivity, accelerate time-to-market, cut costs, improve resource allocation, and boost your bottom line. 

The trend with most companies is to purchase expensive process equipment as the sole means of achieving required process control – this strategy is one-sided, limited in its results and can be very costly. It is not enough to have the right process tools; you must also have accurate measurement to guide how you use those tools. That’s where nanometrology comes into play. In fact, nanometrology is a more cost-efficient solution; you can often achieve the desired results using nanometrology and your existing tools and avoid costly tool upgrades. Our consulting services can show you how. 

Our company offers a wide spectrum of consultation services in industrial metrology and physical characterization to semi and nano fabrication companies, and contracting foundries. Some of the subject matter, we can help you with, are listed below. We can also customize our consulting to your company’s specific needs. 

Here is a sampling of some of the technical consulting areas we cover: 
  • General metrology consulting (problem solving)
  • Metrology equipment procurement 
    • Generating equipment specifications 
    • Market search and tool selection 
    • Technical and commercial negotiations 
    • Tool testing and acceptance 
  • Test structures design and selection 
  • Measurement System Analysis 
    • Fleet matching 
    • Fleet measurement uncertainty evaluation 
    • Establishing SI-traceability (reference metrology) 
  • Setting statistical process control 
  • Release of metrology tool or fleet of tools to production 
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