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Nanoproducts Critical Dimension Certification

Knowledge of accurate critical dimensions of nanoobjects and nanoproducts can't be overestimated. Dimensions directly impact the safety, quality of products, physical and chemical properties of nanoobjects. In medicine, for example, wrong dimensions of a nanoproduct may cause irreversible harm to the patient's health. Incorrect dimensions of air or water filters or other nanotechnology based protective equipment may expose factory personal or the product consumers to a life threatening danger. The use of wrongly sized nanoobjects in any experiment (medical, biological, chemical or physical) will obscure results and conclusions of the experiment. In other words, accurate knowledge and control of critical dimensions of nanoproducts is a must for nanomanufacturing. Official resources are not always available or capable of certification of newly created nanoproducts. Does this mean that your research and development should be stopped?

Nanometrology Int'l will help you to develop a SI-traceable critical dimension metrology of your products. Together with your company we will work on acceptance of our new methodology by nanoindustry and legalization of the method.


Our promise is based on our successful past experience!


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