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Why Nanometrology

Nanometrology can be the dimension of your success

Very accurate measurements are the foundation of the engineering and manufacturing industries. Without accuracy, you cannot achieve your business goals in a nanotechnology environment. The type of yields you must achieve and the cost containment issues you face necessitate a different approach to how you engineer and manufacture. To remain competitive and boost your bottom line, you cannot afford the loss of time and cost to correct mistakes or inaccuracies along the way – you need a method to provide accurate measurements at the start of the process. Can you afford the time-to-market losses that result from having to adjust or fix systematic errors? Expensive tools are not the answer. Accurate measurement through Nanometrology is. Nanometrology helps you prevent errors before they occur.


Size does matter

In today’s engineering and manufacturing environment dimension has changed the rules. You are dealing with extremely small dimensions so the margin of error or tolerances which might have been acceptable working in larger dimensions are now unacceptable. The tools and methods used before no longer work effectively. A comparable example that sheds light on the challenge you face and the need for nanometrology exists in the field of surgical medicine. A scalpel might have been appropriate for operating on large organs but vascular surgery which involves tiny veins, nerves and capillaries, requires more sophisticated instruments, visual aids (miniature scopes and cameras) and advanced techniques. The smaller dimensions of microsurgery dictate a need for greater accuracy.

Nanometrology allows you to work effectively in the nanoscale dimension. Its nano measuring capability provides the level of accuracy you need to successfully position your business competitively now and in the future. It’s a methodology that allows you to use your existing tools, resources and processes more effectively so you keep costs in check while remaining competitive. Nanometrology is the fastest route to reaching your business goals.


The Science of Success

Nanometrology is being viewed by the scientific community as critical to providing the breakthroughs necessary to interface the physical sciences with the nanoindustry. In the U.S., the National Nanotechnology Initiative of 2004 has stressed the important role nanometrology plays in enabling nanotechnology and industry.

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